Mag. Jörg Rosenberger

Expert for Personal Effectiveness

Training as a Systemic Organisation Consultant | Prof. Dr. F. Si­mon
NLP-Learning Coach (DVNLP) | Martina Schmidt-Tanger & Thies Stahl
Training in Provocative Style | Prof. Dr. Frank Farrelly & Dr. E. Höfner
Training in Process and Embodiment Focused Psychology (PEP) | Dr. M. Bohne
Advanced Training for Mental Techniques in Training and Coaching | O. Meiss
Advanced Training in
Improvisational Theatre | Keith Johnstone
Study of Sociology, History and Pedagogy in Bielefeld

Owner and manager of the ,,Reden ist silber GmbH”.

He coaches management as an expert for the increase of communicative effectiveness since 2003. His goal is is to increase the overall efficiency of his coachess in leadership and negotiation skills.