Gerhard Ruf

DI Gerhard Ruf

Expert for Education
Expert for Transformation Management

Training as a systemic Coach & Team Developer | Institute for systemic Consulting Wiesloch, Bernd Schmid
Training as a systemic Organization Adviser (Change Management) | Simon, Weber and Friends, Heidelberg
Six-Sigma-Training: Operational Excellence Methodology | Allianz SE, München
Training as a „Quality Assurance Representative and Intern Auditor“ | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität, Berlin
Trainign as a „Projektmanagement-Expert“ | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement (GPM), Nürnberg
Training as a „Trainer for Communication- and Behavior Training“ | DB AG      

Master of Engineering for Technical Environmentalism | TU Berlin
Study of Education,Emphasis Personal- and Organisation Development | TU Berlin