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How do we become agile

as an organisation?


For a large international banking group we designed an initiative to support Board Members and their next level managers to understand Corporate Agility and it's contribution to their strategic goals. we supported them in developing an agile vision and the creation of the necessary structural and cultural transformations in order to become truly an agile enterprise.

How do we ensure that our principles for leadership & collaboration are lived?


In the last years we have co-created academies and leadership development programs for a number of organisations in various industries baes on their principles for collaboration & leadership. We created programs that are im imbedded in reflecting and changing attitudes & beliefs towards collaboration & leadership as well as train the respective skills in order to become more effective together. 

How do we influence our corporate culture?


Some of our clients face the challenge to develop their corporate culture in order to support their strategic and structural changes. We analyzed their existing culture, helped them understand it and reflect it from within and from the outside.

In doing so, created a basis for them to co-create their desired "way of doing things around here" by themselves with a regular feedback loop with us to provide an outside reflection. 

How do we develop ourselves as leadership team?


One of our core competencies is the coaching of leadership teams. For a lot of our clients we act as sparring partners in specific situations and as continues coaches for developing themselves as leadership teams. Wether it is the change of team members or facing new challenges, we strengthen their trust in each other and foster open dialogue about hard truths in order to help them working trough it. 

How does our effective global HR set up look like?


The global HR managers and their teams are working with us to establish a global HR set up that offers focused services locally and cost effective services centrally. For this we co-created an agile global HR organisation that combines shared service center structures and local HR consultancy as part of a business partner model. 

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